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The Vaxaid v30 Deluxe System Includes:

VaxAid v30 Hydropump (x1)

VaxAid is the only vacuum system to tackle ED using both the power of water for penile vascular exercise in the shower or bath and also in air for generating and maintaining an erection prior to sexual activity.

Made from high impact polycarbonate with a super Elastomer skin safe bellows pump, VaxAid when used in water is amongst the most powerful vacuum devices available yet operates within medical regulations.  The product also undergoes extensive testing and is tough enough to withstand accidental dropping in the shower or bath.

Auxiliary Handball Pump & Connection Cable

The mechanics of air are different to water so to gain the same pressure in air that can be achieved in water with the bellows pump alone, you can simply attach the hand ball pump when using VaxAid in air.

Long Insert Comfort Pad

For maximum comfort and sealing your kit comes with a super soft long insert comfort pad. It is easy to clean and provides maximum protection for your penis.

Erection Rings (x6)

A real plus for users is the unique VaxAid Erection Ring that allows you to fit the ring to the base of your flaccid penis and then erect through the ring with the hydropump, leaving the ring in place maintaining your erection. The ring’s special design also allows you to ejaculate normal and is easily removed after sexual activity. We supply 6 rings in various sizes so you can find the one that best suits you.


Medical Grade Lubricant

Note: Lubricant is not required when using VaxAid in the shower or bath as water acts as both a lubricant and cushions the penis – another big plus.

When used in air you will need lubricant and VaxAid is specially designed for use with the VaxAid system allows for comfortable use of the product in air.

Instuctional DVD

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